Educational Technology

Is Online Right for Me?

Take the Student Readiness for Online Courses (SROC) Assessment by clicking on this link.

Online courses are similar to On campus courses as most require students to attend regularly, interact with other students, and complete assignments and exams  according to the class schedule.  Most are not self paced.   

Online courses differ from on-campus courses in the level of self direction needed from the student.  Students must plan time for both classwork (3 hours per week), and homework (additional 3-4 hours per week).  Successful students are self starters, disciplined enough to set aside dedicated class time each day.  Good reading and typing skills are critical since much of the class time has moved from listening and talking to reading and typing.

Computer use – Successful students have daily access to a computer, are skillful at downloading and saving files, and know how to use a spreadsheet and a word processor program.