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New Students First time ever attending college
Transfer Students Attended another college and transferring to MTC
Returning Students Previously attended MTC but were not enrolled for the last two terms (other than the summer term) and who wish to re-enroll
Returning Students from Suspension Former MTC students returning from a period of suspension
Nursing & Health Science Students Interested in MTC Nursing and Health Science programs
Visiting Students Attending MTC to transfer credit back to the college where the student is enrolled in a degree program
International Students Attending MTC under a student visa from a country outside the United States
High School Students Taking college courses while in high school for Dual Enrollment or Early College
High School - Early Graduate A senior that is graduating from high school in December instead of June
Career Development Students Taking college courses for self-development, non-degree or to meet prerequisites to enter another college
Bridge Students Attending MTC to transfer college credit to a four-year college that has a bridge agreement with MTC

Admission Policy

All applicants must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent or must be at least 18 years old to be considered for admission into curriculum programs and courses offered by the college. Graduates of South Carolina high schools who have received a "certificate," not a diploma, are strongly urged to return to their high school district to complete the diploma or GED. Certificate recipients who meet minimum scores on the college's placement exam will be admitted to the college. Eligible high school students who desire to enroll in a college course(s) concurrently with their high school classes may do so with the written authorization of their parent(s) and high school principal.

All applicants are required to participate in placement testing (assessment) prior to being accepted by the college unless exempted based on other criteria stated in the college catalogue. Specific requirements have been established for individual program entrance. For applicants who require additional preparation for college-level work, the college offers individual programs to develop strong basic skills in the areas of English, mathematics, reading and science.